Sterile Products

Sterile Products

Med-Italia Biomedica develops, manufactures and markets sterile disposable products for surgery, tailored for different applications and certified in compliance with the latest European standards.  The sterile disposable products of Med-Italia Biomedica include:

Needles for radiofrequency ablation of soft tissue
Hooker® for the recovery of foreign matter from the vascular system and other areas
Systems and accessories for contrast medium injection (injector syringes, spiral and valved extensions, spike valves, Y and non-valve connectors, self-filling sets, etc.)

Products for the fluid management and injection (Custom Infusion and Monitoring kits, manifolds, taps, extensions, etc.)
Systems and Kits for pressure monitoring
Angiography needles
Patient Drapes for various applications (Femoral Angiography, Radial, Pacemakers and Cardiac Electrostimulation, Pericardiocentesis, Biopsy, Introduction/Replacement of Central Venous Catheters, etc.)
Vertebroplasty Needles and Sets

The Med-italia sterile product line includes:

Gran Torino
Product for long-term drainage and palliation of obstructed biliary ducts
RF Thermoablation System
Primary and secondary neoplasms of the liver, lungs, kidneys. thyroid and adrenal gland
Drapes and Covers
For equipment and accessories used in the operating room
Procedural needles
Angiographic, chiba, bone marrow biopsy and vertebroplasty needles
Extension Lines
Extensions of high, medium and low pressure for various diagnostic procedures
System for the home management of pleural effusion and ascites